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Invention of milk chocolate

Milk chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter of Switzerland in 1876. The ground cocoa nib was processed with sugar and milk solids and the result was a product that today is the mainstay of the chocolate industry.

The invention of milk chocolate was links to two aspects of the milk industry in Switzerland
*A surplus of milk in the country
*The development of methods for preservation of milk by the Nestlé Co.

Daniel Peters drew his inspiration for producing milk chocolate from Henry Nestlé own success in combining milk, wheat flour and sugar for infant cereal. Daniel Peter came up with the idea of using Nestlé’s milk powder in a new kind of chocolate.

Later Daniel Peter merged his business with that of Charles-Amedee Kohler, who is credited with inventing nut chocolate, to establish Peter and Kohler Swiss General Chocolate Company in 1904.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate was developed in the early 1900s and similar products by many other manufacturers followed.

Since that, the popularity of milk chocolate has increased astronomically and with the development of mass production molding machines that have helped to reduce its manufacturing cost.
Invention of milk chocolate

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