Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Invention of instant coffee by George Washington

The earliest experiments with and patents for instant coffee date to the Civil War; further experiments were conducted during the Spanish-American War.

In 1906, while living in Guatemala, a Belgian named George Constant Louis Washington conceived the idea of instant coffee processing. He discovered a practical process for condensing coffee so that it could be reconstituted merely by adding boiling water in a cup.

George Washington, purportedly an indirect descendant of the first American President, refined coffee crystals from brewed coffee.

By 1910 Washington, he came out with his G. Washington’s Refined Coffee. G. Washington’s Refined Coffee was the first to be produced on a large commercial scale and proved to be popular in the US Army during the First World War.

In the summer of 1918, the U.S. Army requisitioned the entire G. Washington output, which fact the company promptly advertised: G. Washington’s Refined Coffee has gone to war.

The G. Washington Coffee Company continued to sell instant coffee in the U.S. market into the 1940s.
Invention of instant coffee by George Washington

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