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The invention of sewing machine

Sewing machines are mechanical machines that used for stitching clothes, leather and other fabrics.

The earliest known attempt to invent a sewing machine was made in London in 1790 by Thomas Saint who designed a machine for sewing leather.

In 1818 an American churchman, John Adams, and his partner John Knowles, produces a crude sewing device.

The needle with a hook point, first introduced by Thimonnier, a Frenchmen in 1830, for the purpose of forming the chain-stich, has given rise to the most varied construction of tambour-stitch machine.

It had similarities to a modern machine, with an overhanging arm to carry the straight vertical needle, and a simple form of presser foot held the horizontally supported fabric in position, ready for stitching.

In 1842 the first American patent was issued, to John Greenough, for an invention actually called a ‘sewing machine’.

In 1873 Isaac M. Singer established his sewing machine factory on Newark bay. The factory was built on a 32 acre plot and once had a workforce of six thousand.

The I.M. Singer & Co. was the first American multinational company.
The invention of sewing machine

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