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History of remote control

Remote controls were actually the brainchild of famed inventor Nikola Tesla.

In 1893, Tesla showed what wireless telegraphy was like, eight years after Hertz discover electromagnetic waves. In 1898, he used his remote control to power a toy boat that he could sail on lakes around his house. He predicted the imminent completion of a system that could transmit both power and intelligence over long distances with wires.

In 1896, wireless signals were being transmitted up to 30 miles in distance. Tesla patented the first four tuned circuit wireless system.

The first-ever remotely operated ‘controller’ for television set was something called a ‘Telezoom’ installed in one model of televisions made by the Garod Corporation of Newark, New Jersey.

The Lazy Bones was introduced by Zenith (Zenith Radio Company) in 1950. It was s attached to the set by a cord. It soon disappeared off the market for safety reason.

In 1955, Eugene Polley from Chicago had invented the first-ever powerless remote controller for television sets, which he dubbed the ‘Flash Matic’.

In 1956, Robert Adler developed the Space Commander 600 remote control. This clever remote actually worked without batteries. The remote had a mini xylophone inside, and hitting a button caused a tiny hammer to strike an aluminum rod.

Today’s remote controls use either infrared light or radio signals.
History of remote control

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