Saturday, September 29, 2018

The invention of glass bowing machine

The automatic production of glass bottles using a glass blowing machine by Michael J. Owens in 1899 were notable achievement that at last allowed carbonated soft drinks to be successful bottled without significant loss of carbonation.

The first bottle-blowing machine Owens produced was submitted to the U.S Patent Office in December of 1899 but the patent was not granted until May of 1904.

Owens’s device blew gobs of molten glass into bottle shapes through a series of rotary-arranged “arms” that worked rather like bicycle pumps. Molten glass was first sucked into a mold to make the bottle’s neck, foaling which calibrated burst of air blew the glass to form the hollow body of the bottle.

By 1903, his Toledo glass rolled out a fully commercial machine capable of producing 12 beer bottles per minute. The success of the Owens bottle machine led to the formation of Owens Bottle Machine Company. By 1912, the Owens machine could make 50 bottles a minute changing industry forever.
The invention of glass bowing machine

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