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Invention of coffee maker by Melitta Bentz

A coffee maker called a percolator was invented in France in 1827. The percolator was designed to heat water and brew coffee in one operation, by pumping hot water through coffee grounds.

Filtered coffee also known as drip coffee is the newest method of coffee infusion and the preferred method of coffee aficionados. Filtered coffee was invented by a Dresden (Germany) housewife in 1908 named Melitta Bentz. At the time, people put ground coffee seeds into cloth bags and brewed them in hot water.

Bentz hankered after a tastier and more efficient way to brew her home-made coffee and had tired of the old choice between a Turkish coffee with grounds in the bottom of the cup, or with the grounds messily strained out through a dishcloth. Often, the grounds seeped into the coffee when the bags became worn, making the beverage undesirable to drink.
Bentz placed a sheet of blotting paper inside a brass pot that had holes in the bottom and poured hot water through the top. She discovered that the ground remained inside the paper, and did not seep into the beverage.

She patented it as the ‘Filter Top Device Lined with Filter Paper’. Bentz went into business with less than 1 Deutschmark and established a company Melitta to sell her wonderful new product.

The first year, Bentz sold 1250 coffee filters at a fair. By 1912, she had established a business a to manufacture coffee filters.

In the 1960s, the company began marketing a coffee maker in the United States with a wedge-shaped filter holder and filters that open like a pocket, so the water passes through only one layer of paper.
Invention of coffee maker by Melitta Bentz

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