Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Discovery of Wheaties

Wheaties breakfast cereal was discovered by accident. In 1921, a health clinician named Mennen Minniberg in Minneapolis was mixing a batch of bran gruel for his patients when he slipped some of the mix on a hot stove.

The gruel crackled and sizzled into a crisp, thin wafer. Tasting the very first Wheaties prototype, he decided this delicious accident had promise. He realized that the toasted wafer was more appetizing than the gruel.

He took the crisped gruel to the people as the Washburn Crosby Company. The company bought the rights to the cereal.

The head miller, George Cormack, took on the task of trying to strengthen the flakes to keep them from turning to dust inside a cereal box. He took three years developing the product and over thirty-six attempts to get flakes ready for packaging.  The company introduced Wheaties breakfast cereal in 1924.

Although originally called ‘Washburn’s Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes’ the name was eventually changed to ‘Wheaties’ after an employee contest.

Success kicked in when the company started advertising. The Breakfast Champion slogan was introduced on an outfield billboard at a minor league baseball stadium and athletes started appearing on packaging in1934.
Discovery of Wheaties

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