Wednesday, December 28, 2016

USB flash drive (thumb drive)

File sharing is a daily challenge in the workplace. The invention of the thumb drive has made it easier than ever to share or take file away.

USB flash drive is a wonderful invention that allows people to carry large amounts of information in small space.

Singapore-based Trek Technology was the first company to actually sell a flash drive, in early 2000 and obviously filed patents on the idea beforehand. IBM and other companies quickly responded and a fierce competition started between American and Far East companies.

M-Systems actually began working in a flash drive in 1998 and even registered a web domain in October 12m 1999, suggesting an intended sales path.

The development of the first flash drive or pendrives revolutionized personal storage of data, texts, video items, software programs etc, replacing floppy disk and DVDs.
USB flash drive (thumb drive)

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